Balachladaich Loch Ness B&B

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Green Tourism

We care about the beautiful area in which we live, and want to keep it that way. At Balachladaich Bed & Breakfast, we have taken several measures to try to minimise our impact on the environment. Some of these measures are outlined below:

Our main source of heat is a log boiler - using wood from local sustainable forests.

We also have solar panels to help out with our hot water requirement.

We try to minimise our energy usage. We have sensor lights in the corridors and stair wells, so that lights are never left on when not in use. We use LED lightbulbs throughout the building. We also chose our domestic appliances with energy usage in mind, choosing A+ rated wherever possible.

We use Koh cleaning products, which are eco friendly, non toxic, and come in re-useable atomisers, which are refilled from 4l wine box style containers, thus reducing our plastic waster. We also use Eco Eggs in our washing machines rather than chemical washing powders or liquids.

We encourage our local wildlife to thrive around Balachladaich Bed & Breakfast. We feed our birds and red squirrels regularly, and we provide an attractive, natural, meadow-like area for instects and butterflies.

We recycle as much of our waste as possible, with glass, card, plastic and paper being taken to the local recycling plants, and composting food. We also use Freecycle and charity shops for larger items.

We aim to use local suppliers wherever possible, and we buy Fair Trade and environmentally friendly products when they are available.

We take part in our local 'beach cleans', and village clean up days.