Balachladaich Loch Ness B&B

Telephone: 01463 751300

Directions to Balachladaich by Public TransporT

We advise guests to hire a car if possible, as there is so much in the area which is easier to access by car. However, if you want to come by public transport, you would need to get a No. 302 bus (D&E Coaches - will say Foyers on it) from the bus station in Inverness (timetable here). This will take you out to the village of Dores. We are one mile beyond Dores on the right - ask the bus driver nicely and he will stop to let you off at our house.  

On week days, buses leave Inverness Bus Station at 0700, 0900, 1100, 1300, 1515 or 1530 (school term / school holidays), and 1750. On Saturdays, buses come out from town at 0810, 1230, and 1810. There are no buses on Sundays

If you have arrived at the airport, there is a bus service in to the city every half hour. Then you just need to transfer to the next bus to Dores (Foyers).